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It doesn’t take long, does it?

There have been numerous external threats over the past six months to both the economy and how we work – be it drought, bushfires, floods, viruses, politics – and there will be many more in the future.

Within the last week, not only have there been jokes about the coronavirus – which is a very Aussie way of dealing with a crisis – there have also been innumerous articles and blogs on how to survive it. Rather than talk about that, we thought it might be worthwhile to think about organisational resilience, stress, and agility regardless of the external threat that presents itself.

On 12 March 2020, the World Health Organisation characterised Covid-19 (or the Coronavirus) as a pandemic and has strongly suggested that all countries do more to prepare for the seriousness of this disease.

Italy has responded by closing all businesses except for food supplies and sent its country into lockdown. There is talk about delaying or even cancelling the Olympics, something that hasn’t happened since World War II. The NBA and other sports have suspended all games until further notice. The US has stopped arrivals from Europe and the UK for a month and declared a national emergency. The Australian Formula One Grand Prix and other major sporting and cultural events have been cancelled. The Victorian and ACT governments have activated emergency powers. Many Australians have responded by stockpiling essential items, like toilet paper, pasta and tinned food. The list goes on and on (and keeps changing making it hard to keep up with everything).

The flow-on effect of these responses will reverberate for many months, and potentially years, to come. What this tells us is that change events continue and will change the world. Change is often not invited, but it is here for us to respond to. It’s the response that matters and how you manage both your organisation’s and people’s reactions that makes a real difference.

The world, yet again, has changed forever – are you ready?

There are many questions that leaders need to be considering right now:

  • How is your company responding?

  • How resilient and flexible is your organisation?

  • Are you ready for the impact of flexible work practices?

  • How will you measure productivity?

  • What will happened to your clients or customers if productivity declines?

  • Have you thought about the flow-on impact of reacting to this pandemic? Is your position just to tell people to work from home?

  • Do you trust your people enough to keep things going?

  • Have you developed an infrastructure for remote work?

  • Are you ready for operational shocks?

  • Are you a community player…really truly?

It’s not Business as Usual anymore. It’s Change as Usual. All must be prepared to accept that what we are now observing represents a new reality.

This is where FOLD7 can help

At FOLD7, we support you through every stage of change to ensure the future state becomes your new normal. We know that change always impacts on your greatest asset – your people. And when not managed well, it can have radical impact on people’s quality of life. Don’t forget your people whilst determining how to survive as an organisation through economic hardships.

We work with our clients to design what they need and establish the impact it will eventually have on your people and your organisations. We work collaboratively with key stakeholders ensuring alignment across the organisation for change. We help build the change capability of leaders, managers and change practitioners. It’s critical that any change is embedded so that outcomes can be realised. We work with you to reinforce your changes and capability well beyond the life of the project. Without this, change doesn’t stick.

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