A welcome change

We're working on different ideas, telling a different story and getting different outcomes

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Change can seem hard and we're here to help


  • you’ve had past changes that haven’t achieved the outcomes you were after

  • your Business as Usual now feels like Change as Usual, or

  • you've had feedback that your changes haven’t been managed well.


FOLD7 can help you respond to your change by guiding you across three distinct levels – Strategic, Tactical and Practical. Each level is necessary for your change to work.​

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Fold7 Change in a way that is right for

Change in

a way that is

right for you


How we help

Whether you are a leader, manager or project team, we can help you lead and manage your change better. We are a bespoke change consultancy that typically works with you on three key areas:


We work with you to design and develop what you need. We work collaboratively with key stakeholders ensuring alignment across your organisation for change.


We help build the change capability of leaders, managers and change practitioners.

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It’s critical to embed any change so that you achieve your outcomes. We work with you to reinforce your changes and capability well beyond the life of the project. Without this, change doesn’t stick.


What we do

We are hands-on – we don’t win work and then substitute the work with less experienced people. Instead, when you engage us, there will always be a co-founder working with you. We are certified Change Practitioners and qualified educators, with the depth and breadth of expertise and experience in building knowledge and skills using structured and holistic approaches to change management.

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We have successfully provided change management and change leadership capability building services in a diverse range of organisations and industry sectors, to support leaders, managers and project teams in building capability and understanding of change, its impacts and managing the process. We tailor our approach to suit your needs with the goal of leaving you in a better position to manage future changes.

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About FOLD7

We started FOLD7 because we saw that many changes seemed to be focused on what was changing rather than preparing and supporting the people who are impacted.

We wanted to make people the central focus in any change - because when your people are at their best, you'll get all the outcomes you're after. 

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Our founders

Lousie Geoghegan Fold7.png

Louise ‘fell’ into change, and what struck her the most was that the way organisations managed change often meant their people were an afterthought. And yet, in most changes, most outcomes rely on people doing things differently. She believes that change can be done in a more respectful way.

Rather than focusing on what is being turned on in a project, Louise knows the role that leaders play is vital in helping people and organisations move positively through the disruption of change.

A country girl at heart, her down-to-earth style comes through in everything she does. Most of her spare time is spent cycling and researching where to find the best coffee in Sydney.

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There are two main reasons why Max works in change – one, she likes people and wants to see them survive and importantly thrive during change, and two, because she works best when her life is like a tapas bar – with lots of variety and ‘flavours’ to challenge her change taste buds.

Having seen so many organisations rush how they ‘do’ change, Max is convinced that by taking a little extra time to focus on the response and support their people better, organisations can achieve all the outcomes they are seeking.

Outside of work, you’ll probably find her either cheering on the Wallabies or looking at stock charts to understand the psychology of the financial markets.

When setting out on a journey, do
not seek advice from those who
have never left home.

- Rumi

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in a name?

Try folding a piece of paper in half and keep going until you can't do it anymore. The first six folds seem achievable. The 7th - not so!

We think this is a metaphor for how change is managed with each fold representing a vital element in your change response.

Finding a way to achieve the 7th fold takes effort.

At FOLD7, we are not just confident about helping you through the first six folds during change.......

we know what it takes to achieve the 7th fold.